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Genieye GeniJet GJET-MAG Pipeless Magnetic Pedicure Spa Motor 110v - UL

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GeniJet-MAG Pipeless Magnetic Pedicure Spa Motor

Replaces Original GJET-UL and GJET-Ti Motors

Includes Front Cover

This motor replaces the original #GJET-UL and  #GJET-Ti motors.  The MAG Motor no longer needs to connect to the air connection hoses or air control valve. Fits in same opening as the original motor.

What makes the GeniJet-MAG the best pipeless pedicure spa jet on the market today?


The original whirlpool style plumbed pedicure spas that were introduced and still in operation today, utilize a piped system which recirculates water through fixed, rigid or corrugated pipes.  These spas do not completely drain after use and have proven to be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi as well as a collecting area for soap film, hair, dead skin, body oil and other matter.  GeniJet™ Pipeless Technology eliminates these unsanitary conditions for the spa client.

New Magnetic Design:

GJET-MAG motors feature a magnetic wet end allowing for use with disposable basin liners.  Its efficient and stylish design features a chrome plated plastic impeller cover with positive locking system for safety and security. It is easy to remove for cleaning and disinfection.

Easy to Install and Service:

The GeniJet™ System is virtually maintenance free.  Maintain and protect the motors by disinfecting with a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.  The GeniJet™ motor is easy to replace and can be removed and installed in minutes eliminating long disruptions to your business and services.